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Bring back YouTube to your iPad with YouPlayer

It's lacking in the features department, but if you are looking for a simple yet effective YouTube player for the iPad, YouPlayer is it. Originally posted at How To
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Happy 5th birthday, iPad. Sorry I don't really love you any more

Macworld UK: I was an early iPad adopter, and even upgraded to version 3 (can't remember why, though). But my iPad lies mostly unused in the tech drawer at home – with the wired headphones, Apple TV and viper's nest of USB cables and adapters. The iPad was born ...

Microsoft Outlook debuts as free download for iPhone, iPad

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Holiday quarter likely less than joyful for Apple iPad sales

Apple has tried to light a fire under iPad sales, but the product is likely to see a year-over-year decline for the first time.

SoundCloud releases redesigned iPad app with new features, removes audio

9 to 5 Mac (blog): SoundCloud today released a brand new iPad app that has been completely redesigned to offer a better experience for users uploading, sharing, and listening to music through the service. You'll have access to just about all the SoundCloud features ...

CloudConvert easily converts hundreds of file types on your iPhone and iPad

Macworld: Usually, when you have a video file on your iPad or iPhone, the file can play on that device—why else would it be there? But occasionally you'll run into a need to convert a video file, like I did recently, and when that happens CloudConvert gets it ...

'Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition' for iPad Hits the App Store

Touch Arcade: This appears to be an iPad port of the PC HD re-release that hit not long ago on Steam. Really the only criticism the HD remake seems to be getting is the fact that it lacks the Shadow of Death and Armaggedon's Blade expansion packs. Apparently the ...

Apple CEO very bullish on enterprise prospects for the iPad

Though iPad sales are down by five million units from last year, Apple sold almost $9 billion worth of the tablets, and Tim Cook thinks that Apple is just getting started.

The iPad Is 5 Years Old Today. You Still Don't Need One.

Five years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. At a time when the press and the public were wondering whether anyone really needed a third computing device, Jobs was remarkably clear-sighted about what it would take for the tablet to succeed.


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